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Focus on the Family 

Kindred Image Team

Raising awareness of the plight of orphans. Two years and four visits after their initial trip to Seoul, Brian, Will and Bryce created Kindred Image, a company created to continue Pastor Lee’s life-saving work. Kindred Image is committed to sharing Pastor Lee’s story with anyone who will listen, implementing fundraising strategies to enable his ministry, and ultimately carrying on his courageous vision for life in other countries around the world.

Focus and Kindred Image’s shared passion for the sanctity of human life and mutual commitment to raising awareness of the plight of orphans worldwide.
Let Every Orphan Experience God’s Unfailing Love

The Christian Alliance for Orphans unites more than 140 respected Christian organizations and a national network of churches.  Working together, our joint initiatives inspire and equip Christians to reflect God’s heart in caring for orphans in adoption, foster care and global orphan care initiatives.  Through the annual Summit, the Orphan Sunday campaign, Global Movements and an array of other initiatives, we seek to help grow communities in the local church known for “defending the cause of the fatherless” (Isaiah 1:17).   More